National Diabetes Week 2023

South Australia has the highest rate of diabetes in the country. There are over 117,000 South Australians diagnosed with diabetes, and a further 180,000 people aged 25 years or older at risk of diabetes.

National Diabetes Week is marked from July 9 – 15 and is all about raising awareness of diabetes. Each year we aim to turn the focus onto the importance of early detection of diabetes and its possible complications.

We aim to:

  • Increase awareness of the risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes through the AUSDRISK screening tool.
  • Raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of diabetes.
  • Highlight the importance of engaging with the health care team for prevention and early detection of diabetes complications.
  • Provide advice for prevention and management of diabetes. 

NDW Campaign Kit

This year we have have refined the NDW Campaign Kit and created a separate kit for:

Healthcare Professionals | Workplace | Community
At risk | Living with diabetes

The kits provide specific information for each stakeholder group with key information and resources to help you raise awareness of diabetes this National Diabetes Week. Whether you are a health professional, workplace, community organisation or individual, we can all help to raise awareness of diabetes.
We have developed a range of social media tiles and posters with a focus in three key areas:

  • Support individuals to identify their risk factors for type 2 diabetes and strategies for prevention.
  • Awareness of signs and symptoms of diabetes to facilitate early detection.
  • Understanding of education and supports available to assist management of diabetes and prevention or early detection of diabetes complications.
So whatever your focus this National Diabetes Week, download resources below and spread the word amongst your community!

Download: NDW Campaign Kit Healthcare Professionals | Workplace | Community
Download: NDW Campaign Kit At risk | Living with diabetes
Download: Social media tiles
Download: NDW Posters

Diabetes risk awareness and education for your community group or workplace

This National Diabetes Week raise awareness of diabetes risk factors, prevention and management strategies in your community group or workplace. One of our experienced team of health professionals can come to you to provide education tailored to your needs. Head to our guest speaking page  to find out more.

Individualised advice for people living with or at risk of diabetes

For individualised education and support to assist you to prevent or manage diabetes book a one-on-one consult with one of our experienced team. Consultations available with Credentialled Diabetes Educators, Accredited Practising Dietitians and Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Click here to find out more.