Our History

A life-changing discovery.
An impassioned idea.
A community of carers.
More than 70 years of support.

The discovery of insulin in 1921/22 was a life-changing event in the treatment of diabetes.

Its impact on the daily lives of millions of people around the globe was honoured with the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

In 1952 insulin’s co-discoverer Dr Charles Best travelled to South Australia to give a series of lectures.

During an impassioned speech, he suggested that a diabetic association be established here in our state.

“Such an association could run summer camps for diabetic children... It could have a ‘big brother or sister’ movement, with older diabetics helping the new ones, and showing them that diabetes isn’t so bad after all. There could be club rooms where diabetics could learn some of the mathematics of their diet.”

The very next year our organisation opened its doors.

For more than 70 years, Diabetes SA has been the frontline of diabetes support in South Australian community.

Thanks to the vision of people like Dr Charles Best, we have created an organisation today that supports people living with and at risk of diabetes. 

We offer person-to-person consultation and support – and lead the way with information, education and advocacy to make life better for all people living with and at risk of diabetes.

More than medicine…

Insulin gave people living with diabetes new hope. However, it neither cured nor prevented its more serious complications.

Being diagnosed with diabetes has an emotional impact on both the individual and their family.

Education and support, both practical and personal, is essential to help people manage their life living with diabetes.