Sexual Health

Sexual problems are common for people living with diabetes and can affect both men and women.

Some sexual issues may be no different from those experienced by people who don’t have diabetes. 

Whether or not you have diabetes, help is readily available.

A healthy sexual relationship is important for everyone.

If you don’t address sexual issues, this can impact on your emotions and your intimate relationships. 

It’s helpful to know that support and treatment are readily available.

Speak to your doctor as a starting point, and openly discuss your concerns with your partner.

Common issues affecting men are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation issues, and decreased sexual desire.

Women may experience dryness of the vagina, pain during sex and decreased sexual desire.

Causes of these issues may include nerve and blood vessel damage, blood glucose levels that are out of the target range, or medications used in the treatment of other chronic conditions, stress and depression.

Talking to a health professional about these problems can be helpful and ease the stress around the issue.