Annual Reports

President’s report 2019/2020

As we continue to face the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, our staff this year have navigated a “new normal” to ensure continued delivery of health professional services to our Members.

Between learning how to work from home, implementing new safety precautions, managing family needs and more, it has been a tough time for everyone. Now more than ever, this leads me to show our appreciation to our dedicated Executive team, and all our staff. 2020 has been a year that has given me immense pride in what our staff have been able to achieve, and their continued excellence in service to our members and the South Australian Community.

To ensure smooth delivery of services, we have transitioned to new models of business including digitalisation to deliver education sessions.

This will serve as a platform for us to speed up our transformation so that we will always be prepared for the unexpected. This year, we welcomed two new faces to the Board, Lynn Bonython and Christine Bell. I look forward to their contribution to the Board through their skills and ideas.

However, it is with sadness that I say goodbye to two of our current longest serving Board members, Geoff Weeks and Monika Kruger.

Firstly, to Geoff Weeks, I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued service since July 2015 as an Executive Board member and Board member. Specifically, I want to express my gratitude to you for helping our Association accomplish many significant tasks, including our future directions and research grants. Your Chair of the Research Grants Sub-Committee has made all of us particularly proud to be able to provide external funding for vital research. That funding has been significant, and I hope ongoing for years to come. It is a legacy for which you have played a major role.

To Monika Kruger, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the Board, and the contributions you have made as a member and supporter of the Association. Your consumer lens has guided many conversations and has been invaluable in ensuring a focus on the person with diabetes. I take this opportunity to thank you for continued service since October 2012 as an Executive Board member and Board member. Specifically, I want to thank you for your dedication and commitment to the work for our future directions and research grants.

I am extremely proud of the Diabetes SA family and again, I warmly acknowledge and thank the CEO and each staff member and volunteer for their contributions to Diabetes SA as they continue to achieve excellence for our members and the community of South Australia.

Peter Crouch