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4 Ingredients Diabetes
4 Ingredients Diabetes
Features over 60 recipes. Recipes cover: Breakfast Snacks Lunches Salads & Sides Dinners Desserts

This best selling cookbook, 4 Ingredients Diabetes features over 60 recipes, ALL with nutritional information including energy, total fat, sodium, carbohydrates & fibre per serve, will offer inspiration and prove that there is an easier way to cook, which is both fresh and delicious! 4 Ingredients Diabetes is an amazing compilation that will motivate all people needing or wishing to follow a low GI healthy eating plan.

Recipes Cover:
Salads & Sides
Plus much, much more!

Author: Kim McCosker
Publish Date: September 2013
Discounted member price: 18.90
Member? Log in to save: 30.0%

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