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HypoPak Fast Acting Glucose
HypoPak Fast Acting Glucose

HypoPak is a fast acting and effective glucose solution to be used as the first step in treating a hypo (low glucose level). Easy and effective way to raise low blood glucose level. 

The HypoPak includes:

  • 1 x 80mL ready to drink glucose sachet - Each sachet contains 15 grams of glucose solution which quickly elevates blood glucose levels.

 For more information on treating hypoglycaemia see our Emergency poster.

Fast Acting: HypoPak is ready for immediate use. Each sachet contains 15 grams of glucose solution which quickly elevates blood glucose levels and is suitable for first line treatment of hypoglycaemia. 

Suitable for Many:

HypoPak is vegan friendly, gluten, dairy and egg free, making it appropriate for a wide range of people, including both adults and children. 

The glucose solution is not viscous which makes it easy to quickly drink

Thoughtfully Designed: 

HypoPak does not need to be refrigerated making it the perfect addition for your child’s school bag, your work desk or for a spare source of glucose for the car!

The handy squeezable pouch has a spout which is easy to open and drink from. Whereas the pouch itself is durable and designed to hold the contents without unintentional opening. 

Available as a convenient kit (Sachet and Biscuit), or as a sachet alone.

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