Our Board

Wisdom, compassion and experience… working together as one.

Our Board members each have a personal association with diabetes – either living with diabetes themselves or with a close family member who has diabetes.

Our Board represents a wealth of vision, experience and strategic acumen.

Each member also has a strong personal connection to living with diabetes that drives their passion and dedication to the task.

Our Board meets regularly to discuss current issues and to focus on how Diabetes SA can continue to best represent the interests of our members and all people affected by diabetes. The Board of Management are required by constitution to be members of the Association.

Sincere thanks must be extended to our Board of Management who volunteer their time each month and give of their vast knowledge and experience to govern our Association.

Peter Crouch

Previous contributions to Diabetes SA

Member of the Board of Management since 29 September 2011.

President since 30 November 2015.

Personal information

I retired from the South Australia Police as a Detective Inspector with 43 years of service. I am currently undertaking work on contract with the Federal Government on the National Redress Scheme.

I have a Diploma in Management (Human Resources), a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.

I have type 2 diabetes, which is prevalent in the adults of my family and as such have a keen interest in assisting people with diabetes management. In particular, I am enthusiastic about helping South Australians affected by diabetes.

Monika Kruger

Previous contributions to Diabetes SA

Member of the Board of Management since 23 October 2012

Vice President since 30 November 2015

Member of the Research Grants Committee 2018

Member of the Ladies Auxiliary 1992 - 1997

Personal information

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1978, I became a member of Diabetes SA.

My work experience includes various roles with 3 banks, self-employment as a truck then van carrier, a number of roles with 4 commonwealth government departments. Though now retired, I remain active on general committees.

South Australians are increasingly seeking to engage with organisations they can trust and genuinely share their values and I am committed to a program of continuing innovation, and ensuring our product and service delivery meets and exceeds the changing expectations of all South Australians living with or at risk of diabetes.

I am always keen to support the work of Australia’s best researchers and most promising projects to improve the management and care for all, and I look forward to contributing to the upcoming round of research grants.

Geoff Weeks

Previous contributions to Diabetes SA

Member of the Board of Management since 28 July 2015.

Vice President since 22 November 2016.

Chair of the Research Grants Committee 2018.

Personal information

After 42 years in Banking including various senior management roles, I have now retired allowing me to provide experience and knowledge to Diabetes SA.

Having seen the effect of diabetes on my father and the assistance my mother gave him to try to deal with diabetes, I now wish to assist members and their families through the provision of services at Diabetes SA.

As a member of the Board of Management I am keen to further research and education, whilst ensuring that we have a strong Association that will enable the provision of ongoing support and services.

John Jovicevic

Previous contributions to Diabetes SA

Member of the Board of Management since 24 September 2019.

Treasurer since 24 September 2019.

Personal information

I am a Partner of a medium sized Chartered Accounting firm with over 15 years public practice experience. I have extensive experience working with and advising clients that operate in the profit, not-for-profit and public sector.

My experience working with a wide range of businesses and organisations in my professional career gives me a strong appreciation of the unique challenges that face organisations such as Diabetes SA.

I joined the Board of Diabetes SA as I have a keen interest in further supporting programs in the areas of diabetes research and prevention given my family history with diabetes.

My strong focus on the Board is ensuring Diabetes SA is long-term financially sustainable and has sufficient financial resources to meet its strategic objectives whilst also ensuring we are financially transparent and accountable to our members.

Allan Baird

Previous contributions to Diabetes SA

Member of the Board of Management since 28 June 2016.

Personal information

With tertiary qualifications in Business, Industrial Engineering and Information Systems and over 30 years’ experience as a senior manager and IT professional in both public and private sectors in Australia and overseas, Diabetes SA has given me the opportunity to couple my professional experience with my understanding of diabetes. As a person living with type 1 diabetes I want to ensure that we can continue to improve our services to people living with diabetes and their carers.

The fact that South Australia continues to have the highest per capita number of people living with diabetes than any other State or Territory, is a clear demonstration of the need for a strong Diabetes SA.

I am vitally interested in ensuring that Diabetes SA remains an important and significant contributor of quality services and support to the membership and to the broader community through education support, advocacy and the funding of research. 

The changes that have been overseen by the Board in the last two years have resulted in a more focussed organisation, but there is much more to be done to ensure its reach extends to as many as possible who need our services and those who can help provide them.

I will continue to work with my fellow Board Members and the wonderful team at Diabetes SA to do what I can to ensure that no person with diabetes in South Australia goes without the services and support that we all need.

Roslyn Hewlett

Previous contributions to Diabetes SA

Member of the Board of Management since 28 June 2016.

Member of the Research Grants Committee 2018.

Personal information

With over 30 years’ experience in the health care sector, I am passionate about the delivery of client centred, evidence-based health care. I have a Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science, Bachelor of Laws and Masters in Healthcare Administration.

As the mother of a teenage girl who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 5, I know the challenges that families face and how the services offered by Diabetes SA can help.

I joined the Board to try and give back to an organisation that had supported my family and to ensure that it could continue to support tother families like my own.

Lis Burtnik

Previous contributions to Diabetes SA

Member of the Board of Management since 24 September 2019.

Personal information

As a late starter in the type 1 diabetes stakes, it took me a while to come to terms with this chronic and at times frustrating and challenging condition.

Diabetes SA became a ‘go-to place’ for advice, encouragement and support. I have become a passionate advocate of the organisation and believe in giving back where I can. Without their support I’m not sure how I would have coped in those early days.

My working life began as a paediatric nurse at the then Children’s Hospital where diabetes was known as juvenile diabetes and there appeared little awareness that adults of all ages could acquire this condition. There were no disposable syringes, needles were sharpened with a whet stone and lancets were instruments of pain. The advances including technological innovations since that time have, to put it mildly, been mind-blowing.

I am impressed with the forward vision of Diabetes SA and its commitment to research, education and service. It is these elements that have motivated me to become a Board Member of Diabetes SA.

My career has been varied encompassing work in the not-for-profit sector including as CEO of a community disability service for 23 years, as a consultant both in the government and community domains and for the past five years supporting, developing and facilitating workshops for families to understand the complex pathways of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

I have previously served on a number of not-for-profit boards including as Chairperson of the National Council for Single Mothers and their Children. I have also sat on numerous government committees and reference groups representing the voices of vulnerable people and their families.

Gary Neave

Previous contributions to Diabetes SA

Member of the Board of Management since 28 June 2016.

Personal information

Living with, and sharing the life challenges of my partner, who has type 1 diabetes, for the time I have known her, is one of the primary motivators driving my membership of the Diabetes SA Board.

Respected as a business leader and project delivery specialist over a long and diverse career in project and business governance, recent work with Uniting Communities, leading the client side team in the delivery of their U City project and working with the NSHC Board (community housing provider) has given me strong and clear insights as to the challenges faced by those living with disadvantage and/or disability, and the opportunities to leverage broader industry insights to support the businesses that support them.

I bring strong business acumen, having led projects of capital value exceeding $400m, national business units for a tier one professional services consultant; and more recently as Managing Director, and part owner, of ProManage, a successful Adelaide based project delivery consultancy.

I have a real passion, and strong empathy for those that rely on the not for profit sector, and bring significant relationships across government, and industry, in support of my Board role with Diabetes SA.

A Special Thank You

To our Women’s Auxiliary 1961 – 2010

For almost 50 years, an extraordinary group of women were responsible for raising much needed funds for our organisation by holding regular fundraising stalls and film mornings.

By the mid 1980’s the Auxiliary provided most of the volunteers for badge days, lotteries, annual Diabetes Week and the mailing of our newsletter.

In 1987 the Women’s Auxiliary launched a cookbook for people with diabetes, called ‘Easy Diabetic Recipes’. The Auxiliary collected dozens of recipes and with the help of our dietitian determined which were most suitable. Once the recipes were printed the Auxiliary sorted and bound the printed pages into a book.

The book sold out in its first week, a further 500 copies were ordered, followed by 1,000 more. By the end of February 1988 a total of 2,000 copies of the book had been distributed and another 500 were in print.

In recognition of the work the Auxiliary had undertaken in previous years, the cookbook was reviewed and recipes represented in 2015. Many of the recipes were lovingly trialled and tested – many of the originals remain, with a selection of new recipes added.

It is fitting that the organisation recognises the work of the Auxiliary, not only for their fundraising efforts over five decades but also their support, especially during the 1970’s when our organisation was facing increased costs and dwindling funds.

It is with sincere thanks that the Board of Management and Staff acknowledge the long term commitment and work undertaken by the Auxiliary during the period of 1961 to 2010.

Without your dedication and perseverance, we would not be the organisation we are today.