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Latest edition (October 2021 – January 2022)

100 years of insulin

We are pleased to present the October 2021 edition of MyLife prepared just for our valuable Members. Here are just a few highlights…

On page 7, learn about the history of insulin, beginning with a dog called Marjorie through to today, where we have an array of insulin support delivery, tailored to an individual’s needs. The timeline on pages 8 and 9 allows you to see these developments in chronological order, and the most exciting is a look into the future of insulin on page 11. How fortunate that we live in a time where so much progress is being made through the fantastic work of researchers worldwide, and in our home state! You can read the latest research findings and updates from the 2020 Diabetes SA Research Grants Program recipients on page 29 and find out firsthand the exciting details for the Round 3 grant funding on page 28.

We are in awe of many of our wonderful members, starting with Geoff and his incredible journey of some 76 years living with type 1 diabetes on page 12. Then, we move to siblings Noah and Eloise, the bright, bubbly, and all-round great young people living their best life. They share their story on page 13, along with some poignant words from mum Sarah. Brian shares his story of living with type 2 diabetes on page 14 and his views on CGM and diabetes education.

We look into what we will be doing on World Diabetes Day and remember the importance of Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best, who co-discovered insulin in 1921 on page 21. With summer just around the corner, we look at tasty, healthy, and simple recipes that can be shared with loved ones on page 24.

It has been said that prevention is better than cure, and on page 30, we will detail the all-important Diabetes SA AUS2PREVENT Trial. Find out all the details, and most importantly, how you can help us find participants within your family and friends’ network who may be at risk of type 2 diabetes and willing to participate.

In closing, w offer gratitude for medical advancements that have allowed people living with diabetes to live a better life. Long may we all share in their success and look forward to the future.  

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