Exercise benefits

“I was in a state of ‘shock’ to hear that I had type 2 diabetes. The first thing that came to mind was: ‘Darn, I can’t have chocolate!’, only to discover that I did not have to stop eating the foods I enjoyed. This was great news!” (Fiona, 67, newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes)

The benefits of exercise for people living with diabetes cannot be overstated. When muscles contract during exercise this helps glucose move from the blood into the muscles, which lowers blood glucose, independent of insulin or type of diabetes.

Exercise also helps improve how effective insulin is at managing blood glucose levels and will assist in achieving a healthy weight, an important aspect of diabetes management. Participants in diabetes specific exercise classes describe how they have reduced their blood pressure, improved their cholesterol and experienced positive effects on their mood and overall wellbeing. 

As Dr Joyce Ramos, lecturer in Exercise Science and Clinical Exercise Physiology at Flinders University says,
"Exercise is one of the most effective interventions to protect against and manage diabetes."

However, Dr Ramos warns, “despite people understanding the benefits of exercise only around 15% of adults are meeting the physical activity guidelines”.

For anyone who wants to exercise more but needs some support to get started and exercise safely and effectively with diabetes and/or other health conditions, booking an appointment with an Exercise Physiologist is a great move.

Our primary focus is on you and your needs, building your knowledge and skills, addressing any barriers to exercise, and tailoring a supportive program that fits you, your goals, your lifestyle, and your diabetes management.

With the support of Diabetes SA, and an increased focus on healthy food and exercise, Fiona says she is now living well with diabetes. She encourages others: “The more information you can learn, the better it is. It will enable you to better understand and manage your condition”. How do I book an appointment with a Dietitian, Credentialled Diabetes Educator or Exercise Physiologist? Book your appointment today by calling 1300 198 204 or visit diabetessa.com.au. Consultations and group classes may be subsidised via Medicare under a GP Care Plan, through DVA, NDIS, Aged Care packages, or private health funds, dependent on eligibility. Our clinic is located at Diabetes SA, 159 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton.

Appointments can also be offered by telehealth. A family member is welcome to attend your appointment with you. We can work with an interpreter or provide printed information in languages other than English if needed. *Please note, some names have been changed for privacy and confidentiality.

*Please note, some names have been changed for privacy and confidentiality.