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Membership is our promise of support always, now and throughout your diabetes journey.

We recognise there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to living with diabetes. As a part our community by becoming a member you have access to support, information and advice from our healthcare team including credentialled diabetes educators, accredited practicing dietitians, and registered nurses.

As part of everything we do, we put people living with or at risk of diabetes first.

Do you have private health cover?

Contact your health fund as they may reimburse you full or part cost of membership to Diabetes SA and full or part cost of blood glucose meters and blood pressure monitors. Diabetes SA will provide you with a tax invoice to give to your health fund for reimbursement.

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1-on-1 Consultation

Our healthcare team is your healthcare team. Individual. Personal. Face to face. Just call Diabetes SA on 1300 198 204 to book a consultation.

Dietary Advice

Our dietitians offer individual consultations to help you develop a personal dietary plan that supports your particular health needs and lifestyle situation.

Support Line

You can also get immediate support by calling 1300 198 204 and asking to speak with a health care professional.

My Life Magazine

Our new magazine ‘MY LIFE Living with Diabetes’ brings you the latest information, stories and advice – real life support for everyone living with diabetes. Our e-newsletter provides the latest news, updates and member stories.

Diabetes SA Website

Our website offers education, information and resources relating to all aspects of living with diabetes. You can always email us with any questions you may have at

Podiatry Clinics

When you have diabetes, it’s wise to have a regular foot check-up with a podiatrist. We also suggest attending a podiatry clinic at Diabetes SA.

Simply call 1300 198 204 to book an appointment or online here.

Education Sessions

Our healthcare team delivers ongoing education programs to arm you with the latest information to help you manage your diabetes.

Online Webinars, Courses & Seminars

Diabetes SA is pleased to offer a number of programs online webinars, filmed seminars and learning. Log onto our website for 24/7 access.

Free legal information sessions

Access to exclusive information sessions and discounted legal advice relating to Wills and Estate Planning by our partner Scammell & Co.

Free hearing screenings and discounted hearing products

Access to free hearing screening and assessments along with maintenance, battery supply and discounted hearings and accessories from our partner Amplifon.

The benefits of membership:
Support Always.

When you consider all the benefits of being a member of Diabetes SA, you will notice the variety of services, access to support, information and expertise which delivers value.

  • Personal consultation with our dietitian or credentialled diabetes educators. (GP Care Plan or reduced fee for members).
  • Help to develop and maintain your individual care plan.
  • Advice and assistance to access NDSS services and programs.
  • Informative supermarket tours with our dietitian.
  • Free podiatry clinics.
  • Over-the-phone diabetes management support from our healthcare team.
  • Assistance with operating and monitoring your blood glucose meter.
  • Expert speaker sessions, education sessions, seminars and member-only events.
  • Camps, school support and special events for children with diabetes.
  • Our ‘MY LIFE Living with Diabetes’ magazine, free 3 times a year.
  • Borrow educational resources from our library free.
  • Stay in touch with our quarterly e-newsletters.
  • Save 25% on Diabetes SA products.
  • Free postage on Diabetes SA products delivered to your door.
  • Exclusive members-only special offers.

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