Life Membership

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Life Membership is an honour bestowed on an individual whose exceptional service and contribution has provided measurable benefit to the Association over an extended period of time.

For any of the relevant criteria the nominee should have demonstrated an exceptional contribution beyond the ordinary for an extended period of time which has a measurable benefit to the Association and membership.

  • Minimum 15 years concurrent membership.
  • Minimum 10 years in specific roles that contribute to the benefit of people at risk or living with diabetes, these roles may include but not be restricted to – service on Board committees, leadership roles where outstanding contributions have been made, represented the Association with distinction on committees at a state or national level.
  • Has the nominee demonstrated an attitude and demeanour that reflects dedication to the mission, vision and values of the Association?
  • Has the nominee provided valued leadership to the Association and is considered a role model?
  • Outstanding philanthropic giving.

Nominations for life membership must be thoroughly substantiated using the Life Membership Nomination – Form  and received by the CEO by the end of April of each year to allow sufficient time to review nominations. Life membership is announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Association with the life member receiving a certificate and are named in each Annual Report of the Association.