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HL93C05 Year Round Comfort Bamboo/Wool

Humphrey Law Year Round Comfort sustainable sock with wool/bamboo-rayon. Both wool and bamboo-rayon are renewable fibres. They both come from grass but entirely different routes. Sheep do all the work to transform grass into wool and for bamboo, which is a very fast growing grass, the process is a chemical one to make bamboo-rayon. Suitable for year round wear, the combination of wool and bamboo is ideal for socks combining the warmth, insulation and resilience of wool with the strength moisture absorbency and abrasion resistance of bamboo rayon. Shoe size: Ladies 3-8, Euro 35-41. Men's 4.5-7. Foot length 22-26cm. Colour: Burgundy/black, diamond pattern. Contents: 49% wool, 47% bamboo-rayon, 3.5% nylon, 0.5% lycra.