Why red?

There’s a change in the air at Diabetes SA. Whether you’ve noticed a new logo on your membership renewal, visited our new website or seen a video online, you’ll notice that Diabetes SA looks a little…different.

For more than 65 years, we have been listening to and supporting those in our community who are living with diabetes every single day.

We have seen first-hand the strength, compassion, drive and resilience of the diabetes community, so when we first set out to evolve the Diabetes SA brand, the direction we had to take was clear. 

A brand that reflects the community we serve and the role we play in supporting them.

We invited members to participate and share their stories in a photo or video shoot, and they responded in overwhelming numbers – wanting others living with diabetes to know they weren’t alone.

When we asked members to wear or bring a splash of colour, they all asked the same question: “Why red?”

Red is the most dynamic and passionate of colours. It gives a sense of urgency, emotional impact, strength and authority: the perfect colour to suggest passion and confidence in action.

We see strength in the members we speak to every single day, whether they are newly diagnosed or living with diabetes for many years. The video and photo shoot was no exception. Members shared their personal stories and challenges with courage.

Every day, our passionate and committed staff (some of whom live with diabetes themselves) offer individual support suited to each person’s own needs.

Across the community, from schools to aged care facilities, we constantly strive to educate the general public. We are the voice of our members. We advocate for you at a government and state-wide level to improve outcomes for people living with diabetes.

This is why ‘Support Always’ has not only become our tagline, but our promise.

We have seen first hand the strength, compassion, drive and resilience of the diabetes community.

We are the leading experts in diabetes in South Australia. Our state has the highest incidence of diabetes in Australia, and in the last year, over 20 people were diagnosed every day with diabetes, in our state alone. So red is a perfect colour for action on behalf of all those who live with diabetes.

From local to national platforms, it is a condition that needs to be taken seriously. With red as the colour of urgency, Diabetes SA’s visibility and message ‘cuts through’ with authority.

We’ve listened, and now we’re taking action

Diabetes SA is continuing our year-long market research project led by Dr Lara Stocchi from Flinders University, surveying members living with diabetes, people that have diabetes but are not members and those at risk of developing diabetes. We embarked on this to further understand what you need so we can improve and evolve our services.

In our research, you told us that your most important needs are: convenience, professional knowledge and support, informative and accurate service, advocacy, excellent service, constant learning, effectiveness and trustworthiness. 

Amongst our range of services, you told us that other services such as eye-care are needed and that greater awareness of our services is required. Many any of you were passionate about a prevention program, which is underway.

Our priority over the coming months will be to build on this feedback determining the support services and health programs that respond to the needs of the South Australian community.

Where to now?

The next phase of the research will be to identify and evaluate avenues for collaboration with other organisations to expand our services. This information combined with the information from the other phases will deliver some exciting changes for people living with diabetes as well as the broader community of people who are at risk. Read the full article on the research findings.  

Flinders Business and Diabetes SA would like to thank everyone involved in this research project to date. We are particularly grateful for the input of over 1,200 people who completed these surveys.

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