Market Research Update: September 2018

Flinders Business has recently concluded the second phase of the one-year long market research project that is conducting on behalf of Diabetes SA.

The overall purpose of this phase of the project was to evaluate the thoughts, feelings, and current and future behaviour of both current and prospective members of Diabetes SA. This was in relation to existing as well as potential services for diabetes. Extending from the insights gathered through a series of focus groups conducted earlier this year, two online surveys were conducted: one distributed by Diabetes SA to current members and non-members linked to the organization; and a second survey targeting the wider South Australian public. In brief, some of the key findings that emerged were the following.

  • Diabetes SA is in a robust position in relation to being at the top of people’s mind when thinking about services for diabetes. In more detail, it is ahead of the NDSS and pharmacies, and mostly on par with GPs and doctors. It also comes to mind to those who are not members and have varying level of potential risk of diabetes, who typically struggle to think of sources of services for diabetes.
  • The greatest overlap as a source of services for diabetes occurs between Diabetes SA and the GPs and doctors; not the NDSS and pharmacies. This result was consistent both in terms of general level of awareness, perceptions and also current behaviour of people living with diabetes. Importantly, considering people’s current behaviour, three ‘star’ Diabetes SA services consistently feature among the small ‘repertoire’ of approximately five or so services for diabetes that people use, which includes: going to the GP/doctors; going to the pharmacy/chemist; reading the Diabetes SA Living Magazine; reading the Diabetes SA newsletter; and buying products at DSA other than the NDSS supply.
  • The most significant individual needs or benefits sought for people living with diabetes are: convenience, professional knowledge and support, informative and accurate service, advocacy, excellent service, constant learning, effectiveness (leads to the desired outcomes), trustworthiness and personal relevance. A few of Diabetes SA services meet these needs and it is a priority to enhance this further. For example, the most popular service extension that is likely to attract a lot of interest and usage is eye-care. Moreover, the wider public seems quite interested in a prevention program, which is currently under development.

The next steps of this project will see Flinders Business and Diabetes SA collaborating closely for the identification of a new core value proposition for the membership, which will result in a series of exciting changes for people living with diabetes in South Australia as well as the broadest community of people who might be concerned with their level or risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.

Flinders Business and Diabetes SA would like to thank to all people who have been involved in this research project to date. We are particularly grateful for the input of over twelve hundred people who have completed these surveys.