Easter Eating

Enjoying food and staying healthy this Easter

As Easter draws closer, there can be more and more temptation to overindulge. While eating a few extra chocolates or a hot cross bun won’t undo your usual healthy eating here are our top tips for surviving Easter without the overindulgence.

Keep your treats to Easter

While Easter is only one weekend the multitude of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns have been stocked on supermarket shelves since Christmas. Try to save your treats to Easter weekend itself so that you don’t find your Easter festivities stretching out for weeks or months.

Maintain your regular meal routine

Keep to your normal healthy eating and regular meals around the added treats you may include this Easter. Including regular meals will help to manage your appetite, you will be able to savor your treat more if your appetite is filled with your normal balanced meal first.

Consider quality and portion size

Choose quality over quantity, instead of buying a giant egg made of cheap compound chocolate, choose a smaller portion of the treat you prefer. Consider your portion size and the amount you have available at home. Instead of buying the large pack of eggs, go for the smaller portion of individually wrapped treats.

Choose the chocolate that you enjoy

While dark chocolate might have some health benefits it is still a treat food so go for the chocolate that you enjoy the most, whether it be dark, milk, white or something else completely, and include it in moderation. You might see ‘diet’ or ‘no added sugar’ chocolates in the supermarket, these tend to be artificially sweetened and are still high in saturated fat like all chocolate so again just go for the chocolate that you enjoy the most, moderation is the key!

Allow yourself the treat

Often during festive seasons we can start off with well-intended abstinence and promises that we won’t be having chocolate at all this year! In most cases this does more harm than good, as for most of us the self-denial just makes you want it more! If chocolate is your preferred treat, allow yourself to have it truly enjoy it! For many the self-denial is closely followed by the almost inevitable binge which then results in feelings of guilt and more promises that we won’t do it again. Instead, this Easter be mindful about your chocolate choices.