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Research – Past, Present and Future

Medical breakthroughs, advancements in treatments and lifesaving medications have one fundamental, binding, unequivocal factor in common – they all stem from research. The research that individuals and teams undertook with passion and commitment in the past is changing people’s lives in the present, and the future.

We need your help to continue vital diabetes research projects.


In 2018, the investment in six life-changing diabetes research projects impacted what we know about wound healing, prevention of type 1 diabetes, diabetes induced heart conditions, stigma and mental health, the management of blood glucose control, and cholesterol uptake in patients with diabetes.

This research has already produced powerful results that have improved the lives of people at risk of or living with diabetes, and will continue to impact present, and future generations.


Right now, three vital research projects from the second round of funding already show exciting progress in the research work in:

  • cardiovascular (heart) protection
  • prevention of type 1 diabetes
  • awareness to the correlation between life threatening ketoacidosis and people taking SGLT2 medications

Our commitment to investment in diabetes research is further evidenced within our internal research team, with the launch of a prevention trial called AU2PREVENT. Donations will support the development of a program to deliver to the South Australian Community.

We need your help to continue both internal and external diabetes research projects.


In 2022, we will see the next round of funding delivered to two exciting and impactful research projects, each valued at $100,000. Who will the beneficiaries be? Who will be the next to change the lives of people living with, or at risk of diabetes? What will they discover that will be groundbreaking?

Research is at the heart of everything we do, and we want to continue to do just that – we want to invest in and carry out research internally and externally, and with your help, we will deliver the powerful, meaningful and life-changing results today and into the future.

Please donate today to invest in the future of diabetes research.