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Be someone’s strength.
Be someone’s inspiration.
Be someone’s reason never to give up.
Be the reason Diabetes SA can make the change.

As a Diabetes SA member, we know you will understand that sharing a personal story with others can be fraught with fear but also bolster a sense of hope. It brings together people who understand what it is really like to live with a chronic condition such as diabetes.

As a valued supporter of Diabetes SA, we would like to show you what your gift will enable us to do. It can make dreams come true for people living with diabetes.

When Chelsey was four, the world revolved around play time, her family, and Dora the Explorer. The signs that something was not right for the little girl snuck up quickly, quietly, and almost cost her life.

Chelsey’s mum Ali, remembers the distress as if it were yesterday. “I just didn’t know the signs and symptoms, and by the time we did, things were dire for Chelsey. It all happened so quickly but the doctors said we would have had as little as two days before she could have died from the complications of undiagnosed type 1 diabetes.”

Diabetes SA desperately need to raise more awareness in the community of the signs and symptoms of diabetes because it can be life threatening. We need your valuable help to raise this awareness. Can you give a gift today? Every dollar helps.

Rosemary by her own admission, has always had itchy feet! The avid traveler has managed to reach 56 countries over the span of many years, to live, for leisure and to work as a travel guide and these dreams and passions have never waned.

Diabetes snuck up on her too…

“I’ve never been one to eat cakes, biscuits, or anything like that. I never even had sugar in my tea, and I am active, so I certainly never thought I could be someone at risk of developing type 2 diabetes!” Rosemary exclaimed.

Right now, there are an estimated 500,000 people with undiagnosed diabetes in Australia and this presents an exceptional risk to their health and wellbeing, now and in the future. The life threatening secondary conditions, brought on by undiagnosed diabetes, can include hearing and sight loss, heart conditions, and vascular or kidney damage.

We urgently need to raise more awareness in the community of the prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes and the damage it can do. Can you donate to help us raise awareness?