Christmas Appeal

Ned has a lifetime of living with diabetes ahead of him.

Diabetes is on the rise. More and more people are developing type 1 and type 2 diabetes – at all stages of life.

Please help us raise $45,000 by December 31 so that people like Ned can continue to access Diabetes SA services when, and how he needs to.

For Ned, every day is a balancing act.

With your donation, Diabetes SA can keep supporting the diabetes community, every step of the way.

Ned manages living with type 1 diabetes with a busy full-time job as a commercial real estate agent. He says that at times, balancing his condition can be hard.

“The inconsistency can be tough,” he says. “No two days in my job are the same, so when I manage my diabetes day-to-day, there's a lot more I’ve got to actually think about in advance.”

Ned uses continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) – which means he wears a sensor located under the skin of his belly to transmit information about his blood glucose levels to his smart watch. In this way he can keep a close eye on spikes or crashes in his blood glucose levels.

“That being said, there are still moments where it is tough to explain why your blood glucose levels may be doing what they are doing. I just need to keep my head screwed on.”

With your help and generosity, we can continue to support people like Ned and develop our services and programs for all South Australians living with diabetes.

South Australia has the highest incidence of diabetes in Australia.

In the last year, 7,815 people were diagnosed with diabetes. That’s over 20 people per day, every day, in the last 12 months in our state alone.

With your help, experienced and compassionate Diabetes Educators like Trish can continue to work with the people who need it the most.

Across our state, more and more people are developing diabetes. Every day, Diabetes Educator Trish Evans is there to help people like Ned to manage their diabetes. She says: 

“We're here to say, ‘Hey, it's going to be okay – we'll work with you and we'll get through this.’ Then we give them some strategies to actually take those steps.”

It’s her job to help people self-manage their diabetes and access Diabetes SA’s host of services – from education, to support and consultations.

“We're just a phone call away, or we're here for people to come in to have a brief chat, or we're here for one-to-one consultations.”

Whether people need our services now, or in five years’ time, Trish is part of the healthcare team that South Australians like Ned know they can turn to for help and advice when they need it.

Your donation will ensure the longevity of our health programs and support services. To help Diabetes Educators like Trish Evans support people with diabetes, to run awareness campaigns, and to increase our reach across community groups, schools, aged care centres, and more.