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Alyssa will never forget the moment she realised her daughter had type 1 diabetes.

“Lily’s dad has type 1, so there was always this unspoken fear. But the day I took that phone call – the moment I knew for sure - I just collapsed to my knees and cried.”

For 11-year-old Lily, every day is a rollercoaster - fingerpricks, insulin doses, counting carbohydrates, hypos and hypers, constantly monitoring her blood sugar. She’s had to grow up quickly, because managing diabetes is a lot of responsibility.

Her family tries to make sure she does the things other kids her age can do. But Lily is the only student at her school of over 800 kids with type 1, which can feel very isolating. And she has never been away from home – not even for one night.

“There are days when she feels on top of the world and diabetes feels like a minor inconvenience - but there are other days where my heart breaks for her,” says Alyssa.

For more than 60 years, Diabetes SA Kids Camp has been changing kids’ lives. Now we need to expand the program, to support more kids like Lily – but we cannot do this without your help.

Diabetes SA Kids Camps give kids like Lily the chance to have fun, make friends and be independent in a safe and supportive environment. Camp provides a unique opportunity for young people to increase resilience and confidence, combat isolation and decrease diabetes related stress – and a chance to just ‘be a kid again.’

“Camp was a fantastic opportunity for Lily to be a kid – and without mum hovering around!”

Kids Camp gives kids like Lily the opportunity to be away from home with others their own age – kids who understand what it’s like to live with diabetes.

Right now, we only have enough funding to hold two Kids Camps per year, for around 60 kids aged between 10 and 16. We want to give even more South Aussie kids this wonderful opportunity next year.


“Lily had tears in her eyes when we drove away from camp. It was the first time I was actually ‘happy’ to see her cry. It was an experience she didn’t want to end.”

Together, we can support kids like Lily through our incredible Kids Camp experience, helping them to live well with diabetes and build resilience, confidence and independence. Please donate today and your amazing gift will help provide this opportunity for more kids living with type 1.

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Help us reach our target of $75,000 to send more kids like Lily to camp next year

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