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William and his partner Athalie are in their golden years, living in a retirement village in Campbelltown SA. Yet for the past 15 years, their life has revolved around avoiding foot wounds, because William has diabetic foot disease.

Even the smallest scratch could lead to amputation and life-threatening complications. As a result, William’s mobility and quality of life are severely restricted.

“The risk of wounds and amputation has shaped our life for more than 15 years,” says Athalie. “If we knew foot wounds could heal, it would be absolutely life-changing.”

William is just one of more than 66,000 Australians at risk of amputation due to diabetic foot disease – half of whom are also at risk of fatal complications after surgery.

Ground-breaking clinical trials testing a radical new treatment for diabetic foot wounds are so important and happening now, right here in South Australia.

It’s exciting and life-changing for more than 66,000 Australians affected by diabetic foot disease, just like William. And it’s thanks to your generosity Diabetes SA has been able to fund this pioneering research to date.

Together, we can change the future of diabetes. In fact, we’ve already started.

Diabetes SA is currently funding ground-breaking research by South Australian Dr Christina Bursill, PhD.

Dr Bursill’s team recently discovered that HDL, or ‘good cholesterol’ can heal diabetic foot wounds.

“HDL normally protects your heart, but we found that it also can improve wound healing,” explains Dr Bursill. “It also increases new blood vessel formation, which is critical for healing.”

The first clinical trials have just started here in South Australia on 140 people with diabetic foot wounds.

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“This research has the potential to help people straight away,” says Dr Bursill.

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