Challenging complications

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Health Professionals Seminar – Challenging Complications

This seminar brings you three experts in their fields focusing on three of the biggest challenges in diabetes complications, prevention and management. Aspects of eye, heart and kidney health will be under the microscope, with the aim of building health professional’s knowledge of the importance of early detection of these complications and how to best manage complications in your patients for better health outcomes.

Guest speakers

Laura Lunardi, Nephrology Nurse Practitioner, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Kidney Health & Diabetes

Laura will present and discuss on the connecting link between chronic kidney disease (CKD) and diabetes, the major risk factors for developing chronic kidney disease, determining the stage of chronic kidney disease through accurate interpretation of kidney function test results and outline the adverse outcomes of a combined Diabetes and CKD diagnosis.

Joanne Tan, PhD, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Heart & Vascular Health Program, SAHMRI

Heart Health & Diabetes

Joanne will present data on molecular regulators that contribute to diabetes-impaired responses to ischaemia-driven angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels; and discuss the potential impact of novel biomarkers that may reflect severity of diabetic vascular complications.

Ben Hamlyn, Optometrist – Flinders Vision

Eye Care & Diabetes

Ben will present on diabetic eye disease – past, present and future. A look at what is currently happening in diabetic eye disease management and what the future might hold.


Friday 24 May 2019




Adelaide Convention Centre, City Rooms 1 & 2, North Terrace, Adelaide

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