FAQs: Webinar Troubleshooting Guide

I am unable to enter the webinar.

We advise that you type the password instead of copying and pasting it from the webinar email that was sent to you. Another reason that you are not able to enter the room is because the Host hasn’t started the livestream yet.

If you are still having issues entering the room, you can copy and paste your link into a new browser and then join the webinar.

I was able to enter the webinar but the video (screen) remains black.

You should be able to see a ‘start broadcast’ on the screen. If not, try refreshing your web browser and you should be able to watch the livestream.

I can’t hear anything.

(a) If you are using a desktop computer or laptop, check that the volume is turned up. In Windows the volume can be changed in the bottom-right corner of your screen. In Mac OS, the volume can be changed from the top-right corner.

(b) If you are using a desktop computer with external speakers, check if they are plugged into a power outlet if necessary, turned on and up, and connected to the audio port of your computer.

(c) Try refreshing your web browser window or click Ctrl + R (together) (on your keyboard and/or watching the live stream in a different web browser. Then enter your details and join the webinar. We recommend closing any non–essential applications while you are watching the webinar.

Which browsers are supported?

Google Chrome (works best with Google Chrome), Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, IOS, and Android.

Zoom supports the following browsers - Google Chrome v53+, Firefox v49+, Microsoft Edge v38+, Internet Explorer 10+, Safari 10+.