Dr Hannah Wechkunanukul

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Research & Service Development Lead

Dr. Hannah is a researcher at Diabetes SA. Her major role is leading major research projects and coordinating research activities of organisation, including developing, implementing and monitoring research projects and other health programs. She is responsible for producing high quality research publications. She also provides advice on research and development opportunity available to the organisation and provides research training for Diabetes SA staff.

Dr. Hannah worked as a pharmacist for two decades and was broadened her roles to a community educator and public health agency. She Completed Master of Pharmacy (Community Pharmacy); Master of Health Administration; and Graduate Diploma in Primary Health care, followed by her PhD in cardiovascular research. She is an academic staff at Flinders University as well.

Her lifelong and genuine passion for health and research has driven herself to contribute to community.

She loves spending time with family for cooking, gardening, crafting, music, reading and sports.