DB Life Starter Kit Wipes
DB Life Starter Kit Wipes
DB Life Starter Kit contains a screw top puck and 5 x 30 wipe refill packs. The 50mm round orange puck has a screw top lid and can hold around 60 wipes.

DB Wipes are small finger-cleansing wipes designed to help you gain more accurate blood glucose test result with every finger prick.

DB Wipes contain no alcohol, and are stored in the small puck ideally sized to slip into your blood glucose test kit/purse/handbag/ pocket/wherever. They are also great for hygienically removing blood from your fingertip after you have finished your test.

DB Wipes are infused with an antiseptic solution of purified water and 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate, which will effectively remove any bacteria or dirt from the finger before you test. This is the same solution used in hospitals by surgeons to scrub pre-surgery. The wipes are independently tested for conformity and registered with the Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration as a Class 1 medical device.
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