i-Cool Prestige Isothermic Bag
i-Cool Prestige Isothermic Bag
Keep your medication at exactly the right temperature for 24 hours

The iCool Prestige is the product of choice to keep your medications organised and portable. The iCool Prestige is designed to hold about 3 weeks supply of all your medications and keeps them at a temperature between 2 and 8°C. The iCool Prestige includes refreezable gel packs and will give you years of service.

Holds everything-all in one place
For any heat-sensitive medications (insulin, growth hormones, L-Thyroxin, polyarthritis medication)
Keeps your medication between 2 and 8°C for 24 hours
Organises up to a 3 week supply
Elegant and discrete
Ideal for:

growth hormones (Nutropin, Novotropine, Omnitrope, Genotonorm, Saizen)
medication for polyarthritis (Enbrel, Humira, Forsteo)
any pen or vial of medication that is sensitive to heat
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