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YOU are the most important member of your diabetes team

Diabetes is about self management and a long term commitment to good health

youIt can be a challenge to balance the requirements that come with managing a condition like diabetes.

We are here to support you along your journey and encourage you to become engaged in your health.

Health professionals form one part of your team, and aim to assist you to make effective and personalised decisions about your own health.

Our focus at Diabetes SA is on you

We aim to provide you with options whilst encouraging you to focus on your own goals and overall wellbeing.

We feel it is important that you find the information that allows you to make the best choices.

We believe that:

  • It is important you understand your diabetes, its effects and the need to make changes.
  • You should feel empowered through education and information to enable you to confidently participate in the decisions about managing your condition.
  • You should be able to address issues around motivation and your capacity to make changes with your team.
  • You should feel that you can openly ask questions of your health care team, and that you should be able to know how to access and evaluate information about your condition.
  • You take responsibility for your health care.
  • You should be at the centre of your care, and we are here for the ongoing support you will need for the road ahead of you.

Get in touch with Diabetes SA today.

Knowledge is power

Empowering people to live well with diabetes

Whether you have been recently diagnosed or have had diabetes for a while, our Health Services Team members are here to help you manage living with diabetes.

By becoming a Diabetes SA member, you will gain access to our comprehensive range of services that are designed to provide the information you will need to live well with diabetes. 

Membership benefits

  • Support over the phone and face to face when you need it.
  • A range of products to help you manage your diabetes, members save 25% and receive FREE postage on orders.
  • FREE Living magazine members receive three times a year.
  • FREE to borrow resources from our library.
  • Savings of $40 on consulations with our Dietitian or Diabetes Educators.
  • FREE access to education sessions to help you set your own smart goals.
  • FREE members-only sessions including Expert Speaker Series, Supermarket Tour (Shop Well), Market Tour and Podiatry Clinic.

Join today.