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Making the most of your Membership

Setting new goals focusing on your personal health and wellbeing

making-most-membershipSetting goals can help provide you with direction as well as motivation, particularly if you are feeling overwhelmed. By setting goals you are making a decision to act on something meaningful to you.

Some people like to set small, specific goals which can help from feeling overwhelmed. If you are unsuccessful achieving a small goal, you can always fine tune it. Here are a few tips about setting and achieving your health goals:

  1. Set small, appropriate goals.
  2. Be realistic. Set yourself up to succeed, however accept that sometimes you may not be successful the first time, don’t give up; try again. Take small steps.
  3. Understand you are an individual. When it comes to diabetes management your path is not the same as that of the person next to you. You may share the same goals, but your means of getting there may be different.
  4. Ask for help. Some things cannot be accomplished without help. 

So, how can we help you?

As a member of Diabetes SA you can access the support you may need to help you set and achieve your goals. You can book a consultation with one of our health professionals who can help you set realistic and achievable goals tailored to your specific needs. You can call us on the Helpline for advice and support along the way.

We have some great resources that are downloadable from our website, or call us for a printed version to be sent to you.

You may need some product advice, or a meter check-up. You may even need to update your meter or lancing device to one that is best suited to your needs. Our specialised staff can guide you in this respect; they will take the time you require to help you along your way. Make the most of our education sessions; we have a great line up of Expert Speakers this year who can motivate you and provide you with some of the tools you may need to work towards reaching your goal, as well as our regular program which is aimed at newly diagnosed as well as those people needing to update or refresh their knowledge.

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Click here to read the original article. Published in Diabetes SA Living Magazine – March 2017, page 25.

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