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Celebrating 65 years of service to the community

2018-July-LivingWho would have thought that from one person’s suggestion in 1952 such an organisation would grow, but it just shows you the power of purpose, influence and great timing.

From quite humble beginnings we have grown, stretched, contracted, and grown again to become what we are today.

An organisation that prides itself on supporting all people living with diabetes in South Australia. Much is owed to the hard working and dedicated individuals that came before us and who paved the way, gave their time voluntarily, worked long hours, experienced success and the many failures but remained focused on their purpose.

To provide an organisation for the benefit of and service to diabetics and others interested in diabetes, to promote the study of the causes and treatments thereof, and the diffusion of information concerning diabetes.

This was later amended to read:

To provide an organisation for the benefit of and service to diabetics without discrimination as to race, colour or creed, without regard to their means or ability to pay and whether or not those persons are members of the Association.

Today we are no different, our vision and mission may have changed but we still embody the original purpose.

As I reflect on where the Association has come from I am filled with great optimism as to where we are headed in this next phase of our existence. With a team of hard working individuals who are passionate and committed to not only improving the lives of people living with diabetes but now equally driven to make a difference for those at risk, I look forward to what is in store in our next 5-year period. I hope you do as well.

Thank you to our members, donors, supporters, volunteers, staff, suppliers and partners for all your support.

CEO signature-full

Angelique Pasalidis, CEO Diabetes SA

Diabetes SA has been delivering services to people with diabetes and their families since 1953.

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