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Your support can help fund life-changing research for people like Eliza

Despite being fit and healthy, there are days Eliza struggles to wake up. She worries the weakness is just the start.

Type 1 diabetes is affecting twice as many people from her generation as the one before. Eliza wants it to stop.

DSA-Digital-WEBs-250px-2ABy donating today, and supporting diabetes research, you can help us discover what's behind the alarming rise in type 1 diabetes.

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Looking fit and healthy, Eliza's appearance hides the daily struggle her body faces.

It's not obvious how much she is dependent on daily medication, or measuring her food intake. It can be hard to see how much diabetes affects the people living with it—but living with a progressive, chronic condition, which can reduce both quantity and quality of life, and requires daily self-care, is tough.

Since being diagnosed at 9, Eliza has stayed positive, continuing to travel and play the sports she loves. But, having a chronic condition is hard.

'There are times still that I wake up and wish I didn't have to deal with this. I wish I didn't have to monitor everything that I eat, that it's so stressful.'

During a particularly difficult period, Eliza would struggle to wake up.

'I went through about 6-month period of not waking up in the morning. My parents found me half unconscious, not waking up, that was scary. I have a fear of not waking.'

It's why Eliza hopes you will help our researchers find a way to make it stop.

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Research is our best hope.

And, with the rate of type 1 diabetes increasing at an alarming level, and children being diagnosed younger and younger, Dr Rebecca Thomson is determined to find answers.

DSA-Digital-WEBs-250px-1ADr Thomson is one of 70 researchers who are currently studying why more and more children are being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She's investigating whether something environmental—such as certain food exposures —could be behind this alarming rise.

It's a complicated project, and finding answers won't be easy.

She explains: 'You need to know why it's happening in the first place, before you can stop what's causing it. It's a complex question.'

To find these answers, Dr Thomson and her colleagues are focusing on babies and children who have a close relative with type 1 diabetes—a parent or sibling. She explains: 'It's a global trend, and we need to understand what's causing it.'

Research such as this is vital to helping prevent type 1 diabetes. Eventually, the hope is that research will discover a cure, so people like Eliza can live a life free from the daily maintenance and increased risks her chronic condition causes.

Please show your support for diabetes research, so we can help researchers like Dr Thomson continue their vital work, and give hope to every young person with type 1 diabetes, that a cure may one day be possible.

Your donation to this important appeal can help prevent more children from ever hearing the words, 'you have type 1 diabetes.'

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