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Clothing Collection

Clothing-CollectionIf you find yourself cleaning out cupboards, wardrobes or the backyard shed and are left with items you no longer need please donate them to Diabetes SA.

There are many ways in which you can donate your pre-loved goods to Diabetes SA and make a difference to people with diabetes.

1. Bring your pre-loved goods to one of our Attended Donation Centres located at:

2. Complete a collection request online

3. Call for a collection

  • Call 8234 1977 (press option 5)

4. Donate your pre-loved goods when you receive a blue bag in your letterbox

  • Simply fill your blue bag and place items in a location visible from the street. Our distinctive white and blue trucks make their way around metropolitan Adelaide and country/regional areas at regular intervals.

Diabetes SA benefits more when you donate by using one of the ways listed above. Alternatively you can bring your donation to one of the Savers stores located at: