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Insulin injections may be prescribed by your doctor to manage gestational diabetes when blood glucose levels are out of range. In some instances oral medication may be prescribed.


Insulin is given by an injection using an insulin device. Your diabetes educator or health professional will educate you regarding how to use the device, where to inject the insulin, and when to inject the insulin.

Insulin does not cross the placenta or affect your baby, whereas high blood glucose levels can be harmful.

Insulin injections are used to keep your blood glucose levels in a normal range and reduce the risk of complications.

The amount of insulin prescribed will depend on your blood glucose levels, therefore it is very important to monitor your levels. It is normal for your insulin dose to gradually increase as your pregnancy progresses. This is due to the insulin resistance caused by the placental hormones. Your doctor will regularly review your blood glucose levels and adjust your insulin as necessary.

It is very important to continue your healthy eating plan, and if you are able, physical activity.